About Us

Our family-owned operation offers you personalized attention second to none.  With my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography and minor in Graphic Design from the Cleveland Institute of Art, I have served theater and dance communities for over twenty years in Cleveland, Los Angeles and beyond.


I make every effort to embody your true personality and uniqueness with my photography and videography.  Agents are looking for real people – not what’s captured in conventional glossed-over mannequin-like shots.  My work positions you professionally by bringing out the real you.


With Coleman Photography and Video, you also benefit from the talent of my wife and colleague Lisa K. Lock.   Lisa holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from California Institute of the Arts and has years of classical European ballet training and Contemporary modern training.  With her experience and trained eye she assists in choreographing the perfect shot, for dancers and other clients.


I invite you to look over my work and judge for yourself. 




Larry Coleman