My policies are pretty basic and straight forward.  I run my business in a professional manor and I expect the same from my clients.  

1. Please call at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled session time if you can not attend.

2. You have every right to expect me to be set up and ready for your session when you arrive.  If for some reason I am not ready at the appointed time, I will double your free prints from 4 to 8.  I also expect you to hold up your end and be on time.  If you are more that 15 minutes late without calling there will be a $25 additional fee.  If you don't call or show up, there will be a $50 additional fee for your next session.

3. No one under 18 years of age without parent or guardian.

4. No more than one person accompanying the client. 

5. No children that are not being photographed.  This is a private home and I have no facilities for child care.